My name is Angela and I’m a freelance writer.  A little about me – so here I am combining my love of writing with my love of some areas of food and drink but I’m not really a foodie.  In fact, that would be my husband, the chef.  His name is Robert and I also include a number of recipes that he gives me around the themes I am writing about.  I do love a nice glass of wine or a cocktail (I have a little collection of spirits!) so I’m going to share with you drinks I enjoy or find to try as we go.

My other big area of exploration at the moment are smoothies.   I’ve picked myself up a new blender designed for the job as I hate bitty drinks.  So as I research what to try for myself, I’ll tell you about it.  Whether you like smoothies for their taste, their health benefits or to help deal with an area of your diet that isn’t great, hopefully I’ll have something for you.

Food and health is a big ongoing area and the ‘best advice’ seems to change daily.  So I’ll pick up the most interesting articles from a general perspective and let you know what I’ve spotted.  Hopefully they will be interesting to you too.

I do write for a living and it’s great fun.  If you ever need me to write for you, you can find me here at PeoplePerHour or you can email me at

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