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About Us

Hi, I’m Angela and I’m the writer behind Pesto & Margaritas.  Behind the scenes is my husband Robert who’s been a chef for over 20 years.  The blog is a way to share our love of food, my questioning nature over ‘why’ something is good for us and a passion for tasty drinks.

Great tasting food

We may not make the healthier food, but it is always great tasting! We don’t follow any specific diet or approach and offer food that you can enjoy, that is easy to make and that you can adapt to suit your own preferences.

Understand food and health

You know that everyone says this food is good for you – but why? What makes it good for you? Or what foods can you eat to help handle a problem? We look at Food & Health including superfoods, what foods can help with what and why something is considered healthy.

Fun and funky drinks

From smoothies to cocktails and a nice glass of wine, we enjoy drinks of all kinds and here you can find lots of inspiration, ideas and information. For someone that struggles with the ‘5 a day’ idea, smoothies are the answer. And a nice cocktail is a great reward for a hard day!

Why Us?


Real world experience

Having worked in hotels and restaurants, Robert brings the real-world experience to the recipes. It might look good on TV, but can people actually do that at home?.

Professional blogger

I’m also a freelance content writer and blogger so I know how to research the content I create and help you find more authority information on a topic

The fussy eater perspective

I bring the view of the fussy eater, the one who needs to adapt things to their peculiar requirements (no lumps of onion thanks!) so I can help you change a recipe

Gadget fan

And I’m totally gadget obsessed so I look for the gadget to use for everything – that’s why there’s a whole section on kitchen gadgets! But if you like to do it traditional, we’ll tell you about that too