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How Your Productivity is Determined by What You Eat

Here’s a question – what do you think about when you are packing your lunch?  Likely you will think about what you have time to eat and what facilities are available such as a microwave.  You might think about what is healthy or gives you a bit of a boost to avoid that afternoon drained period.  But do you think about your productivity?  Maybe you should because here we are going to look at how your productivity is determined by what you eat. How food affects productivity It is easy to think of food as the fuel that keeps...

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10 Top Summer Strawberry Ideas for Picnics and Parties

There’s nothing that says spring is nearly here quite like the arrival of the summer strawberry.  Sure, you can get strawberries all year round these days and they are good quality products.  But here in the UK, there’s something a little special about the arrival of the first strawberries of the summer.  It means that the sunshine should be coming and we can start to think about picnics and outdoor parties.  So here are a range of recipes and ideas that mix the two. Summer strawberry benefits Because they are so tasty and such a bright red shade, it...

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Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto IQ Review

Around twelve months ago, I decided to treat myself to a Nutri Ninja Blender.  I had admitted that I needed to get more fruit and vegetables into my diet but that I hate the consistency of many of them.  So, the idea was to start creating smoothies to get all that goodness.  I already had a smaller, general purpose Ninja blender so was happy to stick with the brand to invest in the larger model, designed more for smoothies.  Here’s my review of it. What is the Nutri Ninja Blender? There are lots of good blenders out there, some...

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Spirulina Benefits – Why Would You Want to Eat It?

When I first saw spirulina on a smoothie recipe, I was confused – it sounded like some type of pasta to me.  A quick search revealed articles on spirulina benefits and what the stuff really was.  It was quickly evident why people had started to eat it or drink it in smoothies, as was the most common option.  So why would you want to include it in your diet? What is spirulina? Spirulina can impressively boast to being one of the oldest forms of life on earth – a microalga that helps to produce oxygen in the atmosphere some...

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The Best Gadgets to Make Infused Water at Home

I’m the first to admit I’m a gadget fan and I have to curtail the urge to buy loads of fun, brightly coloured gadgets for the kitchen.  I promise myself that I have a clear use for the item before I buy anything and that meant that buying gadgets to make infused water at home were ones I could buy with a clear conscience.  I currently have two gadgets for the purpose and have researched a few more to give you some inspiration if you want to start making fruit infused water with minimal fuss. The benefits of fruit...

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