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Top 16 Things to Do with Garlic

If you were to try and list the things to do with garlic, you would probably be on for the rest of the year.  Garlic is used in so many dishes and in so many ways that it is sometimes overlooked for its own benefits.  So here is a celebration of the many types of uses for garlic and a reminder why we should all try to include it in our diets. Health benefits of garlic The idea that garlic is good for you isn’t a new one and its benefits have been known in some form or another...

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What are the Health Benefits of Acai Berries?

There’s a good reason we are all getting a bit suspicious of the so-called superfoods – there seem to be so many of them and not always a lot of scientific evidence to back them up.  The case of the acai berries is a classic one – adopted as a superfood, some people seem to think they can cure diabetes and promote weight loss.  So, what are the definite health benefits of acai berries and how can we include them in our diets? What are acai berries? The acai palm (Euterpe olerocea) is a type of palm tree that...

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How to Cook Traditional for Easter Weekend

How to Cook Traditional for Easter Weekend Easter is coming around in two weeks and for people around the world is a time filled with traditions, both religious and personal.  While the current Easter traditions are tied in with Christianity, there are some traditions that even date back to Pagan times where the period was a celebration of the coming of spring at the equinox.  So, if you are planning to cook for family, friends or just for yourself, here are some tips on how to cook traditional for Easter weekend. Easter + eggs One of the most solid...

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Simple Bombay Potatoes

My husband, Robert, has a cast iron stomach and can eat food that is much spicier than I think is completely healthy.  This means that when he makes something for me, he has to tone it down a bit!  But his simple Bombay potatoes recipe is just for him so he can get as excited with the spices as he likes.  If you are like him and enjoy strong flavours, then just follow the list.  But if you are a little more of a wuss like me, you can always cut back on the amount or number of spices...

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How to Eat Seasonally and What’s Available for Spring

Go back a generation or two and the idea of how to eat seasonally would just have been called normal eating.  My dad used to work in fruit and veg and he always tells me that certain foods just weren’t around at certain times of the year.  Now, with imports and transportation improvement, we can have food from around the world at any time of the year.  But if you want to eat seasonally, what kind of foods are available now and for the rest of spring? Advantages of trying to eat seasonally While looking to eat seasonally can...

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