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Christmas and New Year are two times of the year when we ask a lot of our bodies – we tend to eat more rich foot, drink more alcohol and not always think about the healthy options.  After all, it’s a fun time of the year!  However, once the festivities are over, it never hurts to give a little TLC to our bodies and one of the hardest working organs are the kidneys.  So what can we do to ensure our kidneys work correctly?

Helping out

The kidneys are responsible for cleansing the body, keeping many of its essential elements in balance but most importantly to filter waste out of the body.  It is a bit like a rubbish sorting department where the good stuff is send where it is needed and the bad stuff gets flushed.  Therefore, if the kidneys get overworked then they may not perform their job correctly.

Key to helping your kidneys function at their peak ability is hydration.  Water is the first step to flushing the kidneys and getting them working properly but there are also a number of herbs that assist the process.  Herbs contain something called phytonutrients that clean out the kidneys so when combined with plenty of water, can perform an effective flush out.  You can use these herbs with other fruit to create infused water and help you kidneys with both good function and hydration.

Kidney helping herbs

Herbs have plenty of benefits but certain herbs can help kidneys work correctly in addition to their other benefits.


Parsley not only helps flush the toxins out of the kidneys but also any bacteria that may have sneaked in.  They are called diuretic herbs, which means they aid in the passing urine, which is the body’s natural way to get rid of the bad stuff.


Ginger brings a great flavour to everything from tea to shortbread and is also a great kidney cleanser.  It flushes out the toxins from the kidneys as well as helping with digestion.  Ginger tea is an easy way to take in the herb.


Turmeric is an all-rounder that has a huge list of benefits.  It works on both the kidneys and the liver, purifying them as well as having anti-inflammatory properties that are great to help combat infections or bacteria.  It is a popular addition to a number of curries and other Indian dishes so is easy to incorporate into the diet.

kidneys work correctly

Turmeric is a spice with a lot of health benefits including helping the kidneys work correctly


Nettles may have been something to avoid as a kid but as an adult, it has real health benefits.  As well as being a diuretic, nettles help with urine production and this process gets rid of the toxins in the body as well as helping to remove metabolic waste.  Nettle tea is a great option as well as using in a soup.


Cranberries are an easy one to access because good quality cranberry juice is available in all the supermarkets.  Cranberry is great at fighting off urinary infections as well as cleaning out the kidneys and has been shown to remove excess amounts of calcium oxalate – this is the stuff that can cause kidney stones.


Lemon juice is another fruit juice that combats the potential build-up of kidney stones.  The natural acid in it increases the citric levels that stops the kidney stones from forming in the first place.  So by drinking lemon juice you can prevent the problem before a cure is needed.

Add lemon juice to water or simply drop in a wedge to get the benefits

Kidneys work correctly How to Help Your Kidneys Work Correctly
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