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I recently realised that I’d talked a bit about using a soupmaker and even created some soupmaker recipes but I’d never really talked about the actual gadget that I use.  So to rectify that, I thought I would write a review of my Tefal Easy Soup soupmaker and why I enjoy soups in a way I never did before when using it.

The Tefal Easy Soup comes with four automated cooking programs as well as a cleaning program.  This means that with the press of two buttons you can be making soup or a number of other dishes – hence the title Easy Soup.

The four programs take a set period of time to complete.  They are:

  • Smooth soup (23 minutes)
  • Chunky soup (25 minutes)
  • Compote (20 minutes)
  • Blend (4 minutes)

As you can see by this, there is more than just soups that you can make with the soup maker.  The latter two functions don’t use any heat so this means you can use them to create smoothies, compotes, sauces and other creations that don’t require heat.

In addition, the soupmaker also has a double wall insulation and a 40 minutes automatic keep warm function.  This is great if you want to prepare your soup around 11 am to eat at lunch time.  Once the cooking program is finished, leave the soup maker alone and it will switch to keep warm mode, meaning that when you are ready to eat at around 12 pm, you can lift the lid and serve – the soup will still be hot.  If anything, it gets a bit too hot for my tastes so personally, I often tip it into a bowl to cool a little before eating – but that’s just me!

Tefal Easy Soup

Settings on the Easy Soup

Cleaning Tefal Easy Soup

The easy cleaning mode is also a two-touch system and is generally very effective.  There has been the odd occasion where we have found that some of the food has stuck to the bottom of the soupmaker and the easy clean didn’t remove it (our fault for not having the liquid in first!).  I did follow the method I found here, although this isn’t an official cleaning method so you might not want to try it.

The recipes

The Tefal Easy Soup does come with a recipe book with a selection of recipes in it for all of the different modes.  It also gives good tips about preparing the ingredients for the soups so this gets you used to how to do this – most of the time it is a case of prepare vegetables and cut everything into little chunks so the blender can do its thing properly.

I’ve not tried them all yet but the Creamy tomato and basil soup is an excellent one to start with as it is simple and tastes really nice.  There are also a few nice chunky soup recipes and the great thing is that you can easily make them into smooth soups if you are like me and don’t like chunky style soups.

There are also cool summer soups that I intend to try this year such as Traditional Gazpacho and Creamy White Soup.  The purees section shows the versatility of the machine and includes a number of purees that would work on desserts such as pear and banana puree.

You can even use the soupmaker to prepare pudding and there are a number of smoothie and pudding recipes in the book to use for inspiration.  All in all, the recipe book is a great source of inspiration and practical tips that mean you can start using your Tefal Easy Soup as soon as you have been shopping for ingredients.

Soupmaker recipes

Searching around Pinterest and other sites there are millions of soup recipes out there but many are for making in a pan.  However, we have started to adapt these for the soupmaker and most work really well.  There’s less preparation involved and all you have to remember is that there are a minimum and maximum level in the soupmaker that you need to come between with your ingredients.

We’ve tried a few of our own recipes so far including an adapted Broccoli and Cheddar Cheese soup recipe and one using leftover chicken and mushrooms.


Obviously, I like the soupmaker and would definitely recommend it to anyone who isn’t the best at all this cooking business, like me.  The simple preparation of a few vegetables and a little cooking time produces great quality soups and other recipes.  The capacity is 1.2 litres which say ‘serves 4’ and we find this is comfortably true.

My husband, the chef, is also very impressed with the soupmaker.  Not a gadget person, Robert finds it easy to use and to clean while the soups it creates are up to his standard.  What more can you say?

Just to say, I did buy this soupmaker in Christmas 2015 and have been using it since – I didn’t receive payment for this article but there are links to the product on Amazon so if you decide to buy one after clicking them, I might receive a commission payment.