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Around twelve months ago, I decided to treat myself to a Nutri Ninja Blender.  I had admitted that I needed to get more fruit and vegetables into my diet but that I hate the consistency of many of them.  So, the idea was to start creating smoothies to get all that goodness.  I already had a smaller, general purpose Ninja blender so was happy to stick with the brand to invest in the larger model, designed more for smoothies.  Here’s my review of it.

What is the Nutri Ninja Blender?

There are lots of good blenders out there, some that are cheaper than the Nutri Ninja Blender and some considerably more expensive.  As I mentioned, I went with this one because it was in the price bracket I had (less than £100 for the set) and I had been using another Ninja blender for around twelve months with no problems.

This blender is notable because it has a big motor on it – 1000 watts.  To compare, many of the smaller blenders are around 300 watt motors.  This means that it can chew through virtually anything you throw at it and can also blend ice.  This is a useful facility for a lot of smoothie recipes that recommend throwing in ice to get the water element and to cool the ingredients.

I will say that the blender is loud – it’s a powerful motor cutting through tough stuff so I expected this.  I also find that I need to blend for no more than 20-30 seconds so the noise isn’t there too long.

Nutri Ninja Blender


Nutri Ninja Blender

The coffee and spice grinder attachment for sale separately

In the set that I purchased, there was a single serve cup holding 500ml and a larger cup holding 650ml.  We find the larger tends to make two good glassfuls of smoothie.  There were also sip and go lids for both cups, I’ll admit not having used these as I work from home and therefore just use a glass or a cup.

You can also buy accessories to go with the blender.  There are extra cups with the sip and seal lids, for example that have the silicone sleeves to make them easy to grip in both 650ml and 900ml sizes.  There are also stainless steel cups and an extra-large 1.4 litre batch maker jug.  There is even a coffee and spice grinder attachment that would be great for grinding up nuts and other small items.

Also, while my blades have shown no signs of wearing or cutting less effectively, if you do use yours a lot and find that you need to replace the blades, you can get replacement blade units.

The programs

One thing that tempted me to pay a little more for this model as the Auto IQ option.  This is a series of settings on the unit that mean you can almost set and forget to allow it to do a job.  There are two settings – blend and ultra-blend – and I tend to use the ultra-blend the most.  There is also a pulse setting to give everything a quick mix around and also a simple on/off setting if you just want to control it manually.

Using the blender

I had had a smoothie maker before, a few years ago and it was a horror.  It had one of those tap effects on the front and it never pulped up the fruit enough for most of the stuff to go through the tap.  With this blender, the power of the motor means that almost everything is reduced to a liquid or very fine pulp.  It doesn’t chew through the fine seeds on some berries like raspberries but we simply ran the mix through a fine sieve if we wanted to remove the seeds (hubby hates seeds in his smoothies).

Cleaning the blender is always another point to consider when looking at these appliances.  All parts (apart from the base unit obviously) can be dishwasher cleaned.  We tend to just run them under the tap to remove the thick of the mess then pop them in the dishwasher for ease of cleaning.  You can also easily clean them by hand and I have not yet seen any signs of staining from the fruit and vegetables on the plastic containers.

The larger 900ml capacity cup with silicone grip


I’m very pleased with my Nutri Ninja Blender in terms of the drinks it produces, the accessories available and the ease of cleaning.  Sure, it makes a racket when you pop it on but that’s the price of a powerful motor that can cut through ice and any foods.  I would definitely say that if you are in the market for a reasonable priced blender that can also do other jobs, this one is well worth considering.

P.S. I bought the blender myself so this wasn’t provided to me to review or anything like that – I’m letting you know about it because I love it!

Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto IQ Review