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I’m the first to admit I’m a gadget fan and I have to curtail the urge to buy loads of fun, brightly coloured gadgets for the kitchen.  I promise myself that I have a clear use for the item before I buy anything and that meant that buying gadgets to make infused water at home were ones I could buy with a clear conscience.  I currently have two gadgets for the purpose and have researched a few more to give you some inspiration if you want to start making fruit infused water with minimal fuss.

The benefits of fruit infused water

Infused water might sound like one of those gimmicks but there are plenty of clear benefits to fruit infused water in particular that make it worth considering.  The most obvious one is the increased hydration – how many of us don’t drink enough water during the day?  We know our bodies need it but you find yourself having another coffee or a drink of pop instead.  After all, plain water isn’t exactly inspiring.

That’s where fruit infused water comes in.  The core idea is very simple – add fruit to water, the natural oils and juice from the fruit join with the water, gives it flavour and added health benefits.  For example, whatever the benefits of the fruit and particularly its juice can be gained in the infused water.

Lemon water is perhaps one of the simplest examples and the one I started with.  Cucumber is another popular option as is berry-infused water.  You can drink infused water for weight loss, for certain vitamins or just for the extra taste.  Another tip is to take the fruit as then add it to a smoothie to get even more goodness.

But why would you need a gadget?  After all, as the pictures show, you can simply pop some fruit into a glass or cup and away you go.  And you can – but when you drink it, the fruit can fall out or you have to use a straw.  Gadgets can make the whole process easier.  Here are a few of the ones I’ve either used myself or have caught my eye.

Multi-purpose gadgets

One of the two gadgets to make infused water that I have is called the Bobble Bottle.  I bought mine at the supermarket but you can buy them online too.  The thing I liked about this gadget is that it is multi-purpose – it creates clean tasting water from the tap by eliminating chlorine or it can be used to make infused water.

gadgets to make infused water

The Bobble Bottle available in different colours (mine’s this colour as I love turquoise)

The main idea of the Bobble Bottle is to use a carbon filter and to clean up tap water.  In my house, the tap water doesn’t taste great so we buy bottled water.  The idea of this gadget is that it filters the water and makes it tastes better – and it does.  The filter is said to be good for around six months and don’t cost a fortune to replace.  Add to that the lack of plastic bottles going in the recycling bin and the bottle is a reasonable investment at around £10-15.

The other thing you can do is take out the carbon filter, put fruit into the main body of the bottle and then put the empty filter back in.  That way you get the taste but not the large lumps of fruit.

Fruit infused water bottle

Perhaps the most popular option in terms of gadgets to make fruit infused water is the bottle with an inbuilt filter.  These are perfect if you want a bottle that infuses the water while being able to drink straight from it and popular with everyone from joggers and cyclist to people who want to infuse water for work.

Acquablend is one company that are offering a few of these in different sizes and every in different colours.  The bottles have a basket inside to hold the fruit allowing the flavours to mix with the water.  They also come with a leak-proof lid so that they can be moved around without worrying that the water ends up everywhere.  They are cheaper than the Bobble Bottle but are a single function product.

Acquablend bottle for infused water

Big gadgets to make infused water

The other gadget I have for the infused water is a big jug that is specifically designed to infuse water, just like the Acquablend bottles.  Mine is made by VonShelf and is a cost-effective way to make larger amounts of water.  Like the bottles, there is a basket in the centre that you add the fruit to and leave for at least 24 hours for the flavour to really work.  Most have a capacity of around 2.5 litres.

The VonShelf jug lets you make big quantities of infused water at one time

The only point I would make having used the jug many times is that it pays to have some bottles on hand.  Once you take out the first portion of water, some of the fruit is exposed and it will rot.  So, what we do is once the 24-hour period is finished, we put the flavoured water into separate bottles and keep them somewhere cool and dark.  Then the fruit can be reused or disposed of depending on your preference.


Infused water is a good way to get plenty of water with a touch of fruit flavour and a few essential vitamins and minerals from the fruit.  Using gadgets for making infused water at home means that you can make the amount you want in a style that suits your lifestyle – in big volumes, smaller ones or as an alternative to simple water being three ones I have so far found.

So, what would be your favourite fruit infused water flavour?  And have you tried any of these gadgets?  What was your opinion or any tips for their use?

The Best Gadgets to Make Infused Water at Home